8 lexeis (8 words) episodes 21-22 season 2

8 lexeis (8 words) episodes 19-20 season 2

8 lexeis (8 words) episodes 21-22 season 2 , Skai tv and Alpha Cyprus tv. 2os kyklos, scheduled for Wednesday 16/9/2020 at 21.00 Athens time.

In the previous episode of the Skai tv series we saw that the man following Apostolia and his accomplice, seize the supermarket van that makes deliveries to the Aronis house. Once inside the house they threaten the terrified Apostolia with a gun and force her to follow them…

8 lexeis (8 words) episodes 21-22 season 2 preview

8 lexeis episode 21

Apostolia is now in grave danger, because the man who is after her is inside Akis’ house. Having no further doubts that the criminals want them both dead, Phoibos and Vicky plan their counterattack. Roxanne tells Michael that she will take Angelos and live permanently to London. Tempers flare and Nausika’s position on the issue is crystal clear .

Aliki finds a new job, and this time she tells her employer the whole truth about her past. Miltiadis goes to the office for the first time after his injury, and everyone enthusiastically welcomes him! Stella continues to blackmail Smaragda and Lucas decides to intervene and put an end to this. Akis wakes up one morning, and discovers that Apostolia has disappeared from the house…

8 lexeis episode 22

Akis is concerned about Apostolia’s strange disappearance, since no one saw her leave the house. Olympia’s teacher informs Eva that her daughter has exceeded all limits, and Eva decides to follow Nausika’s advice. She announces to Nikiforos and Simos that she is taking her daughter to Switzerland for two months. Nikiforos however dissents with this decision.

Vicky and Phoibos plan a big hit, in order to get rid of the danger threatening them. At the same time, Hector is ready to go back into Phoibos’ apartment and search for clues. Nona gives more money to Odysseas and Ersie, bringing Odysseas in a difficult position and making him to start thinking… He decides to lie to Ersie,meet Antigoni, and accept her offer to paint a mural in her hotel…

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