8 lexeis (8 words) episodes 3-4 season 2

8 lexeis (8 words) episodes 1-2 season 2

8 lexeis (8 words) episodes 3-4 season 2 , Skai tv and Alpha Cyprus tv. 2os kyklos, scheduled for Tuesday 1/9/2020 at 21.00 Athens time.

In the previous episode of the Skai tv series we saw that Smaragda is sinking into an ocean of debts, and losing her studio seems inevitable. Apostolia sees Vicky without her wig in the street and starts chasing her! Nausika and Juliana joyfully reunite. The little girl’s adventure has finally ended.

8 lexeis (8 words) episodes 3-4 season 2 preview

8 lexeis episode 3

A much relieved Nafsika hugs Juliana and hopes things will now return to normal. Markos threatens to sue the orphanage director for negligence, and is allowed to take Juliana home for a few days. They decide to have a party to celebrate the gιrl’s return. Apostolia accuses Vicky to Iliana, and she starts having second thoughts. When Iliana asks Vicky for an explanation, Vicky in turn reveals that she and Apostolia had talked things over, and a confused Iliana no longer knows what to believe.

Smaragda is desperate, knowing that she has to sell her studio or be jailed for debts. Phoibos and Vicky continue the preparations to attack the yacht, not aware that Miltiadis and Katerina will be amongst the Dervanis’ guests. At the party for Juliana’s return, Marcos asks Nafsika to reunite their lives.

8 lexeis episode 4

Adrianna’s unexpected return throws Markos off balance. What’s more, it appears that this time she has come to stay. Alice confesses to Hector that she lοves him, but is not yet ready for a normal relationship. Eva is furious with Olympia’s continuous absences from school, and orders Simos to keep an eye on her.

Nona urges Nafsika to give Markos another chance, although deep inside her she believes that Markos cannot remain faithful to one woman… Lucas asks Miltiadis for a loan to help Smaragda, but he refuses. Michael’s criticism outrages Roxanne who announces that she is not going to the Dervanis’ yacht with him. Vicky and Phoibos are going over the final details of their plan..

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