8 lexeis (8 words) episodes 7-8 season 2

8 lexeis (8 words) episodes 7-8 season 2

8 lexeis (8 words) episodes 7-8 season 2 , Skai tv and Alpha Cyprus tv. 2os kyklos, scheduled for Thursday 3/9/2020 at 21.00 Athens time.

In the previous episode of the Skai tv series we saw that after the attack the yacht soon resembles a slaughterhouse, when suddenly Phoibos sees his father right before him. The outcome now depends on Phoibos’ reactions.

8 lexeis (8 words) episodes 7-8 season 2 preview

8 lexeis episode 7

The blood covered Vicky is taken home by Phoibos who does his best to help her. With two bullets in his abdomen, Miltiadis is undergoing surgery. Katerina, Loukas and everyone close to Miltiadis anxiously wait for the outcome of the operation. Nikiforos and Eva announce that they will be married in a month, and the couple seems happier than ever.

Iliana feels sorry for Smaragda and asks Akis to lend her the money needed to keep her studio open. Markos sees Stella in his office and openly flirts with her, making Eugenia jealous! Vicky’s injury worsens, and Phoibos has to try and remove the bullet from her shoulder at home! Miltiadis is not better after the surgery, and the doctors bring him back in the operating room…

8 lexeis episode 8

Katerina and Iphigenia spend hours of agony in the hospital, while Miltiadis is in the operating room. Phoibos presence is greatly missed.When he finally shows up he tries to excuse himself, claiming that difficulties scare him. Vicky’s health is deteriorating quickly, and she has to try and get the bullet out of her arm with help from Phoibos. Iliana feels frustrated because all her efforts to become pregnαnt have failed.

Markos spends carefree moments with Nafsika and Juliana, and looks forward for the day they will all move into his house. Simos still feels responsible for Smaragda and tries to help her. Roxane’s total lack of emotion irritates Michael. Olympia threatens Eva that if she has another child, she will abandon her when she turns eighteen. Phoibos realizes that without help from a doctor, Vicky will bleed to death…

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