8 lexeis (8 words) episodes 9-10 season 2

8 lexeis (8 words) episodes 7-8 season 2

8 lexeis (8 words) episodes 9-10 season 2 , Skai tv and Alpha Cyprus tv. 2os kyklos, scheduled for Monday 7/9/2020 at 21.00 Athens time.

In the previous episode of the Skai tv series we saw that Phoibos realizes that without help from a doctor, Vicky will bleed to death…

8 lexeis (8 words) episodes 9-10 season 2 preview

8 lexeis episode 9

Ifigenia is devastated upon entering the intensive care unit to see Miltiadis, and Spyros cannot do much to comfort her. Phoibos fails to extract the bullet out of Vicky’s shoulder, and it appears that the wound is becoming infected. Roxane desperately needs her drug dose, and goes looking for it in very unsafe areas of the city. Olympia makes it clear to Nikiforos that she does not want him in Eva’s life.

Michael is very worried when Roxane’s nose starts bleeding again.. Stella finds the owner of the tavern where Aliki works and says bad things about her. Miltiadis’ health has taken a turn for the worse. Phoibos kidnaps a doctor and forces him to operate on Vicky under threat of his gun…

8 lexeis episode 10

Miltiadis still breathes with the help of mechanical ventilation in the intensive care unit. His family spend hours of anxiety waiting for news, and Ifigenia refuses to believe that her father may not open his eyes again. Akis tells Nafsika that he will not accept her reunion with Markos, but she ignores him and moves in with Markos. Odysseas can not get used to the tight money spending rules enforced by Ersie and the couple quarrel…

The doctor removes the bullet from Vicky’s shoulder, but is then shot dead by Phoibos. Aliki is fired from her job, and Hector suspects that Stella had played her part in this. Stella on the other hand does her best to seduce Markos. Vicky realizes that some fatal mistakes she and Phoibos made during the yacht massacre, could lead the police on their tracks…

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