8 lexeis episode 220 ( 8 words ep. 220)

8 lexeis episode 220 ( 8 words ep. 220) - epeisodia.online

8 lexeis episode 220  (8 words ep. 220) Skai tv. Also playing on Alpha Cyprus tv. Scheduled online for Friday 27/3/2020 at 21.00 Athens time.

In the previous episode of the Skai tv series we saw that Nausica has lost all hope to find the child. Smaragda lies to Simos and goes to the gambling house to play cards again. She loses a huge sum of money and is forced to admit the truth to Simos. The two of them agree that they must do everything possible to put an end to their addiction. Hector is very worried about Aliki, and tells Ersie to discover her whereabouts. Michael is disappointed with Roxanne’ behaviour and asks for a divorce. Roxanne tries to hide her relief, and says yes to his proposal.

8 lexeis episode 220

Odysseas demands to know why Markos had secret meetings with Michael in the USA, but the answer he gets does not convince him. Nausika hears that Michael and Roxanne are about to divorce, and puts  her sorrow for Joulianna’s loss aside, in an effort to make the couple change their minds. Joulianna manages to dislodge the boards which were nailed on her window, but Sotiris becomes aware of this. As a result Joulianna becomes ill with disappointment…

Olympia continues to secretly skip school lessons , and moreover her behaviour to Nikiforos becomes impolite again. Seeing that Smaragda is becoming increasingly addicted to card playing, Loukas begs Simos to stop her. Eugenia and Stella launch their counterattack and blackmail Smaragda, demanding money. Hector returns to his political party. Spyros’ luck runs out when Ifigeneia meets with Adrianna…

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*** Due to the coronavirus crisis, Skai tv has changed the broadcast dates, and will shows single episodes of the series every day.

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