8 lexeis episode 221 ( 8 words ep. 221)

8 lexeis episode 221 ( 8 words ep. 221) - epeisodia.online8 lexeis episode 221  (8 words ep. 221) Skai tv. Also playing on Alpha Cyprus tv. 8 lexeis ep 221 is scheduled online for Monday 30/3/2020 at 21.00 Athens time.

In the previous episode of the Skai tv series we saw that Olympia continues to secretly skip school lessons , and moreover her behaviour to Nikiforos becomes impolite again. Seeing that Smaragda is becoming increasingly addicted to card playing, Loukas begs Simos to stop her. Eugenia and Stella launch their counterattack and blackmail Smaragda, demanding money. Hector returns to his political party. Spyros’ luck runs out when Ifigeneia meets with Adrianna…

8 lexeis episode 221

Sotiris has to leave Joulianna on her own, to buy antipyretics for her fever from the pharmacy. The child gradually recovers begs to be allowed out of the house to get some fresh air. Aided by Adrianna, Ifigeneia exposes Spyros’ plan. The Petrosians make an effort to save whatever they can, but Adrianna finally resigns her job. Hector tells Aliki that the misunderstanding between himself and the political party is finally over, and she agrees to return home.

Nausica persuades Roxanne and Michael to give their marriage another chance. Akis finds out that Smaragda continues her gambling, and gives her a final warning. Stella’s blackmail is succesful, and Smaragda has to accede to her demands. Seeing that her bank savings are vanishing, Smaragda begs Simos to make a serious effort to be cured from their gambling addiction. Miltiadis is furious when he finds out that Katerina has used his credit card without telling him.


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*** Due to the coronavirus crisis, Skai tv has changed the broadcast dates, and will shows single episodes of the series every day.

*** Skai tv removes older videos from its web page. You can however watch them by clicking here

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