8 lexeis episode 224 ( 8 words ep. 224)

8 lexeis episode 224 ( 8 words ep. 224) - epeisodia.online8 lexeis episode 224  (8 words ep. 224) Skai tv. Also on Alpha Cyprus tv. 8 lexeis ep 224 is scheduled online for Thursday 2/4/2020 at 21.00 Athens time.

In the previous episode of the Skai tv series we saw that Olympia speaks on the phone with a friend, making plans to skip school one more time. Unfortunately, Nikiforos overhears the conversation and tells Eva everything. Simos and Smaragda visit the gambling house and once again lose a lot of money. Nikiforos tells Eva that he wants to buy a new house, and asks her to help him find one. Michael is furious when he catches Roxanne lying. Hector ignores the psychologist’s advice and kisses Aliki.

8 lexeis episode 224

Hector’s unexpected kiss frightens Aliki, and brings past memories of her father molestιng her. She tells Hector that she is unable to have feelings for anyone. Roxanne makes it clear to Michael that everything is over between the two of them. Relieved from any sense of guilt, Michael sets out to find Loukia and the two of them spend a passiοnate night together. Next morning, Michael and Roxanne decide to annul their civil partnership contract and divorce. Smaragda plays cards again, and loses the money intended to pay the dressmakers working for her their wages.

A sudden flood forces Nikiforos, Eva and Olympia to seek shelter in Markos’ house. They will be staying there until they find a house to buy. Phoibos warns Miltiadis that Katerina is badly depressed, and that he should do something about it. Hector helps Nausica sue the orphanage for neglecting to look after Joulianna. At the same time, Sotiris is making preparations to permanently move to Alexandroupoli with Joulianna.

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*** Due to the coronavirus crisis, Skai tv has changed the broadcast dates, and will shows single episodes of the series every day.

*** Skai tv removes older videos from its web page. You can however watch them by clicking here

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