8 Lexeis episodes 125-126 Skai tv

8 Lexeis episodes 125-126 Skai tv

8 lexeis episodes 125-126 Skai tv ( 8 words ).Also playing on Alpha Cyprus tv. Scheduled online for 1/1/2020 at 21.00 Athens time.

8 Lexeis episodes 125-126 summary

In the previous episode of the Skai tv series we saw that Hector discovers the truth about Smaragda’s past. He makes Stella tell him a part of the conspiracy set up against Ilianna, but she does not expose the mastermind behind the plot. Tonia tries to come closer to Miltiadis, who resists, while on the other hand Eugenia falls to Alekos’ efforts to charm her. A post surgical problem brings Eva’s and Simos joy to a halt. Iliana, blinded by her hatred for Odysseas will make a fatal error. She leaves little Ariadne alone in the car and rushes to attack Odysseas and Ersie. When she returns, Ariadne has vanished!

8 lexeis episode 125

The police are informed of little Ariadne’s disappearance and launch a full scale search to find her. Soon after, Michael is summoned to identify a young girl’s corpse, which turns out to be that of his own daughter! Michael and Ilianna are devastated and heartbroken, having lost their child. Markos Kallergis appears on the scene after a very long absence. Iliana and Ariadne are out for a ride in the island of Corfu. Suddenly Ilianna sees Odysseas with Ersie and stops to attack them. In her fury she forgets Ariadne in the car all by herself…

When she returns to the car the girl has vanished. Panic stricken, Ilianna calls out her name in vain. Odysseas and Ersie hear her shouts and come out to see what has happened. Odysseas contacts the police and the investigations begin. The news soon reach Michael and he hurriedly leaves for the island. Michael accusses Ilianna that she has the sole responsibility for whatever happens to their daughter. At this point Michael receives great moral support from his brother Odysseas, and the two men come closer to each other than ever before.

8 lexeis episode 126

Wasting no time, the two brothers search all the nearby beaches and come upon a teddy bear that Michael had bought for Ariadne. Everyone becomes even more anxious, and worst case scenarios come to their minds. The drama reaches a climax when the police notify Michael that the dead body of a small girl has been found in an isolated Corfu beach.

Having been summoned to identify the corpse, Michael goes through the most difficult moments of his life. Upon realising that the dead girl is indeed Ariadne, Michael violently aims all of his wrath on his wife. Ilianna refuses to accept that her daughter has died. She in turn blames Odysseas and Ersie for the outcome. In her despair Ilianna tries to put an end to her own life.

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