8 Lexeis episodes 129-130 Skai tv

8 lexeis episodes 129-130 Skai tv ( 8 words ).Also playing on Alpha Cyprus tv. Scheduled online for January 3 at 21.00 Athens time.

8 Lexeis episodes 129-130 summary

8 lexeis episode 129

Iliannas psychiatrist informs Akis that, following her child’s loss the woman is on the verge of becoming catatonic. Michael is trying to get his pieces together again and go on with his life. He returns to the office and asks Roxanne to move into his house with Aggelos. Eva returns home to look after Olympia, despite the young girl’s objections.

Markos Kalergis shows up in Athens and his first move is to meet Michael. Father and son discuss everything, remembering their past. Kalergis then visits Nikiforos and promises to help him win the appeal he has filed in court over his dispute with Nausika. Alekos puts his plan to separate Dimitris and Eugenia into action. Odysseas is very surprised when he hears that his father is back. Markos visits Nausika and is very hostile towards her.

8 lexeis episode 130

Nausika and Markos have a long discussion and reveal secrets they have shared as a married couple all these years. Roxanne and Aggelos formaly move into Michael’s house, and the family do their best to overcome Ariadne’s death. Ifigenia cannot bear to watch Katerina suffer after her separation with Miltiadis. She storms into her father’s office, attacks his secretary Tonia, and turns everything upside down. Dimitris finds Eugenia in bed with Alekos!

Nikiforos has had enough, and tells Eva they are splitting up. A sudden sharp pain makes Katerina rush to the hospital, causing Miltiadis great concern. Odysseas enters his house and confronts his father after 10 whole years.

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