8 Lexeis episodes 133-134 Skai tv

8 lexeis episodes 133-134 Skai tv ( 8 words ). Also playing on Alpha Cyprus tv. Scheduled online for Tuesday January 7 at 21.00 Athens time.

In the previous episode we saw that Eva and Nikiforos are facing great difficulties dealing with their separation. Both know that at this phase of their lives they simply cannot be together. In Corfu Odysseas is very happy to be with his father, and the two of them have a very good time together. Phoibos traps Sophia and puts a drug in her drink. He then throws her off a cliff in her car, because he considers her an obstacle to his plans…

8 Lexeis episodes 133-134 summary

8 lexeis episode 133

Spyros catches Markos in the company of a much younger woman and tells Odysseas about it. Ifigeneia continues to bully Tonia, this time threatening to fire her. Olympia is showing a much better attitude towards Eva and tries to convince her parents to renew their relationship. Akis is confronted with bad news which may have disastrous results for the company. For the first time Roxanne witnesses a different side of Michael’s character and finds this somewhat strange. The news of Sophia’s death make Miltiadis,Ifigeneia and Katerina unbelievably sad, while Phoibos is putting on an act, managing to deceive everyone.

Miltiadis informs Tonia that she is to be replaced by Katerina in the office. Tonia seeks revenge and gets in touch with Alekos to figure out a plan. Akis is starting to believe that Ilianna has a point in accusing Michael for framing her. He is the cause of everything that happended to her, trying to drive her crazy. Akis asks Alekos to investigate and find whatever he can about the case. Ilianna is discharged from the clinic…

8 lexeis episode 134

Ilianna’s fury rises day by day and she makes an oath of vengeance against everyone she blames for what happened. Odysseas and Markos come to Athens. The Kalergis family agree to gather and discuss some of the things that took place during the past few years.

Nausika seems annoyed with the prospect of this meeting. Odysseas suspects his mother has something to hide, and that she wants to avoid this encounter. The Maroglou family suddenly have to face charges of sexually harassing Tonia. Miltiadis is on the brink of finding his carreer and reputation destroyed.

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