8 Lexeis episodes 135-136 Skai tv

8 lexeis episodes 135-136 Skai tv ( 8 words ). Also playing on Alpha Cyprus tv. Scheduled online for Wednesday January 8 at 21.00 Athens time.

In the previous episode we saw that Nausika seems annoyed with the prospect of a family meeting. Odysseas suspects his mother has something to hide, and that she wants to avoid this encounter. The Maroglou family suddenly have to face charges of sexually harassing Tonia. Miltiadis is on the brink of finding his carreer and reputation destroyed.

8 Lexeis episodes 135-136 summary

8 lexeis episode 135

The Maroglou family are stunned when Tonia sues Miltiadis for sexual harassment. Miltiadis’ political party members feel the same, and Hector takes over as his advocate. Markos exposes Nausika to their sons, revealing details about their marriage about which Odysseas and Michael knew nothing. However, despite the couple’s hatred for each other it appears that there is still some love left…Akis relief is evident, after Ilianna gets back to normal, but the woman has her own secret plans. To Eva’s despair, Olympia refuses to cooperate with her psychologist. Because of this Simos reverts back to bad old habits, but gambling will this time prove to be a very costly affair… Ifigeneia is furious with Tonia for accusing her father and comes to blows with her, making her father’s case even more difficult.

8 lexeis episode 136

Markos acquaints Roxanne to his grandson, and also informs his sons about his future business plans. Akis makes efforts to bring together Dimitris and Victoria, a ship owner’s daughter. Ifigeneia is arrested after Tonia sues her for assault.Phoibos decides to take things into his own hands and get rid of Tonia once for all. Michael continues to be overprotective with Aggelos. This will be the cause for his first big quarrel with Roxanne. Olympia hears about Simos’ arrest and tells him what she thinks of him, making Simos feel very guilty. Ilianna arrives in Corfu and it’s obvious that she is planning to take revenge. Akis realises that Markos is now his main business adversary. War between them will go all the way to the end. Dimitris meets Mitrofanis and the hidden side of his personality comes to light.

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