8 Lexeis episodes 137-138 Skai tv

8 lexeis episodes 137-138 Skai tv ( 8 words ). Also playing on Alpha Cyprus tv. Scheduled online for Thursday January 9 at 21.00 Athens time.

In the previous episode we saw that Ifigeneia is arrested after Tonia sues her for assault.Phoibos decides to take things into his own hands and get rid of Tonia once for all.

8 Lexeis episodes 137-138 summary

8 lexeis episode 137

The revelation that Dimitris was the mastermind behind everything that Ilianna went through, having driven her almost insane, will change everything. Dimitris has no intention to stop until he finally exterminates his own sister! In the meantime no one can guess what Ilianna’s plans to take revenge from Odysseas and Ersie are. Aggeliki, a strange woman, has been assigned by Ilianna the task of following the couple on a 24 hour basis…

Spyros spontaneously asks Ifigeneia to marry him and without second thoughs she says yes. Eva visits Nikiforos on the pretense of paying back the money he loaned her. An emotional outburst upon seeing him shows that nothing has yes finished between the two of them. Markos and Nausika clash over financial disputes. Once more however, they apparently share an unseen deeper bond. The Maroglou family are greatly surprised by news concerning the sexual harassment case.

8 lexeis episode 138

Spyros and Ifigeneia announce their marriage and formally ask Odysseas and Ersie to be best man and woman in the ceremony. Simos, deeply embarassed by his arrest, vows to his daughter he will never touch a pack of cards again. Stela tells everything to Hector, admitting that it was Smaragda who made her try and drive Ilianna crazy.

Nikiforos makes a very interesting proposal to Eva, attempting to warm up their relationship. Olympia wants to see Simos stand on his own feet again, and finds a rehabilitation programme for gambling addicts. Miltiadis and Katerina do not agree with Ifigeneia’s marriage and do everything in their power to stop her. Two masked men abduct Ilianna from her house in Corfu !

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