8 Lexeis episodes 141-142 Skai tv

8 Lexeis episodes 141-142 Skai tv8 lexeis episodes 141-142 Skai tv ( 8 words ). Also playing on Alpha Cyprus tv. Scheduled online for Tuesday January 14 at 21.00 Athens time.

In the previous episode we saw that Eva pledges to help Simos overcome his passion for gambling. Nausika makes a last effort to come to an off-court agreement and meets Markos to discuss the matter. When the couple meet, they realise that their old passion for each other is still there…

8 Lexeis episodes 141-142 summary

8 lexeis episode 141

The news are a disappointment for Loukas and Smaragda. Markos and Nausika share a night of passion. In a flashback, they try to find what made them split up. Things are again going well for Hector and Stella, and their relationship seems very strong. Spyros and Ifigeneia buy wedding rings, but soon after Ifigeneia has a big fight with her parents and tells them that they are not welcome in the marriage ceremony! Miltiadis is furious and tells his daughter that no one from the family will be present when she marries. The trial begins, with Nikiforos, Markos, Nausika and Akis being the first to testify. During a moment of despair, Roxanne tells Eva that she wants to separate with Michael! The abductors inform Ilianna that ransom has been paid, and set her free…

8 lexeis episode 142

The abductors set Ilianna free in a remote Corfu area. However Akis and Dimitris seem to know nothing about the kidnapping, and have paid no ransom…Ilianna, fearing that she might once more be taken to the psychiatric clinic, tells them nothing. Following Ilianna’s orders, Aggeliki continues to keep a close watch on Odysseas and Ersie. Akis and Nausica lose the court case. They are outraged because Markos used witnesses to testify falsely, but can do nothing to prove it. Having failed to persuade Ifigeneia, Miltiadis and Katerina return to Athens. In Corfu, Ifigeneia accelerates the wedding preparations…Simos and Smaragda discuss their problems and come closer to each other. Ilianna is in despair about what she went through and reveals the story of her kidnapping to Alekos.

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