8 Lexeis episodes 145-146 Skai tv

8 Lexeis episodes 145-146 Skai tv epeisodia.online8 lexeis episodes 145-146 Skai tv ( 8 words ). Also playing on Alpha Cyprus tv. Scheduled online for Thursday January 16 at 21.00 Athens time.

In the previous episode we saw that Dimitris openly clashes with Mitrofanis, accusing him of not having properly done his job. Eva turns down Markos’ business proposal, and Nausika hears about this. Someone from Hector’s past arouses Stela’s jealousy. Smaragda tells Loukas that she no longer wants to have a baby with him….

8 Lexeis episodes 145-146 summary

8 lexeis episode 145

Loukas feels betrayed when Smaragda breaks her promise, and no longer wants to have a baby with him. Casting all of Smaragda’s excuses aside he leaves home. Katerina and Phoibos succeed in making Miltiadis change his mind, and they leave for Corfu to attend their daughter’s wedding. Nausika, Markos, Nikiforos, Hector with Stella, and also Smaragda will follow them there. Michael will not be present because he is mourning.

The Petrosians,who are delighted by Greek traditional weddings, will also arrive in Corfu. Ifigeneia and Spyros share their last day as an unmarried couple, experiencing some usual pre-wedding tensions. Meanwhile Dimitris discreetly tries to make Ilianna tell him about her abduction. Ilianna reveals nothing, causing him to doubt whether the woman had really been kidnapped or not. Akis has a meeting with a government member and tries to put obstacles for Markos’ company. Odysseas is very happy, when Ersie tells him that she is pregnant.

8 lexeis episode 146

Odysseas and Ersie are delighted with the news of Ersie’s pregnancy. Akis convinces the government minister to make Markos Kallergis’ life and his efforts to put his new company into operation very difficult. Alekos continues to stand by Ilianna’s side, appearing to really care for her. Simos and Smaragda rejoin, and the old passion they had for one another flares up again.

Ersie and Odysseas have another big surprise for Nona, when they tell her they are going to have a baby. Dimitris and Victoria date and agree to also meet again in Corfu. Aggeliki reports to a furious Ilianna that Ersie is pregnant. Just before the marriage ceremony, Miltiadis calls Ifigeneia on the phone and announces that he shall not attend the wedding !

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