8 Lexeis episodes 147-148 Skai tv

8 Lexeis episodes 147-148 Skai tv epeisodia.online8 lexeis episodes 147-148 Skai tv (8 words). Also playing on Alpha Cyprus tv. Scheduled online for Monday January 20 at 21.00 Athens time.

In the previous episode we saw that Ersie and Odysseas had another big surprise for Nona, when they told her they are going to have a baby. Dimitris and Victoria date and agree to also meet again in Corfu. Aggeliki reports to a furious Ilianna that Ersie is pregnant. Just before the marriage ceremony, Miltiadis calls Ifigeneia on the phone and announces that he shall not attend the wedding !

8 Lexeis episodes 147-148 summary

8 lexeis episode 147

Ifigeneia, dressed as a bride, is frantically searching for Miltiadis in the Corfu town streets. She now wants her father by her side at the wedding ceremony. Ifigeneia persuades him to change his mind, and she finally arrives at the chapel in a horse drawn carriage. At the wedding reception Markos openly flirts with Fotini, making Nausica furious. Smaragda tries talking to Loukas, but he ignores her. Amusing incidents occur during Spyros’ and Ifigeneia’s wedding night.

Alekos supports by Ilianna, while she scrupulously carries out her plan. Ilianna makes Aggeliki steal the keys to Odysseas’ studio. `Things stay tense between Michael and Roxanne, and it appears that Roxanne’s patience has reached it’s limits. Akis begins putting obstacles in Markos’ business plans. Simos admits to Eva that he loves another woman. Odysseas departs with Markos for Athens, and Aggeliki informs Ilianna that Ersie will be all alone for the next few days…

8 lexeis episode 148

Eva shows no signs of jealousy upon hearing that Simos is in love with another woman. Her attitude however makes Simos want Smaragda even more… Roxanne and Markos are drifting further apart because Michael refuses help to overcome his daughter’s loss. Alekos is doing his best to help Ilianna, not being aware that she is planning murder…Aggeliki steals Ersie’s mobile phone and hands it to Ilianna. Suspecting nothing, Odysseas continues to text love messages to Ersie. When Ersie goes to Palaiokastritsa, Ilianna enters Odysseas’ studio and puts her plan into action.

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