8 lexeis episodes 151-152 season 2 (8 words)

8 lexeis episodes 151-152 season 2 (8 words)8 lexeis full episodes 151-152 season 2. The Skai tv and Alpha Cyprus tv series 8 words scheduled online for Monday 18/1/2021 and Tuesday 19/1/2021 at 21.00 Athens time.

In the previous episode of the Skai tv series we saw that Nafsika tries to persuade Akis appear on his TV station and offer Markos an apology hoping that he will withdraw the lawsuit against him. The general secretary of the ministry, the same man that Katerina had approached to pardon Vicky, meets Miltiadis by chance and unknowingly reveals everything to him …

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8 lexeis episode 151

The secretary tells the whole truth to Miltiadis, revealing Katerina’s big lie. Nafsika once again intervenes so that Akis and Markos reach a compromise. Akis tells Emilios to stop the war that his tv channel waged against the Renaissance political party… Nafsika knows that the problem Odysseas has with his eyes is hereditary, and arranges an appointment for Michael to visit an opthalmologist

Shortly afterwards, Markos tells Odysseas that he has found a Greek doctor in Switzerland who specializes in the exact problem that he has with his eyes. Simos approaches Smaragda in another attempt to come close again. Odysseas returns to Corfu and Ersie is very happy to see him. An outraged Elizabeth comes outside Emilios’ house, threatening to go inside where he is with Magda …

8 lexeis episode 152

In a fit of rage, Elizabeth accuses Emilios for the lies he has told her and divorces him. Akis and Apostolia arrive in Cyprus and Akis does everything in his power to make her feel well. Simos is looking for Smaragda everywhere, but she spends her first night with Antonis in his house. Katerina confesses the whole truth to Miltiadis and Hector tells them what their next steps must be in order to expose the criminal network.

Frixos lies to Elli about the allergy and suggests that they move to Iphigenia’s house for two days. Spyros becomes furious with this and realizes that his efforts to make Iphigenia behave normally are futile. Ersie notices Odysseas’ change of behavior but insists that he does not give up painting. Odysseas however announces his decision to never draw again …

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