8 lexeis episodes 153-154 season 2 (8 words)

8 lexeis episodes 153-154 season 2 (8 words)

8 lexeis full episodes 153-154 season 2. The Skai tv and Alpha Cyprus tv series 8 words scheduled online for Wednesday 20/1/2021 and Thursday 21/1/2021 at 21.00 Athens time.

In the previous episode of the Skai tv series we saw that Frixos lies to Elli about the allergy and suggests that they move to Iphigenia’s house for two days. Spyros becomes furious with this and realizes that his efforts to make Iphigenia behave normally are futile. Ersie notices Odysseas’ change of behavior but insists that he does not give up painting. Odysseas however announces his decision to never draw again ..

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8 lexeis episode 153

Ersie tries to make Odysseas change his mind and not completely rule out deawing, but he is firm on his decision. The experiment to live together at Spyros’ house does not begin well for Frixos and Ellie. Michael and Victoria decide to go to Corfu for a few days. Nafsika begs Michael to convince Odysseas agree to have an eye surgery. Emilios tries to apologise to Elizabeth, but she is more aggressive than ever.

Elli is preparing for the official presentation of her book and Frixos struggles to hide his jealousy. Markos asks Eva to arrange a meeting between him and Nikiforos, but she refuses. Smaragda is about to go into a relationship with Antonis, while Hector finally meets Evdokia …

8 lexeis episode 154

Hector and Evdokia appear embarassed when they meet, and Aliki tries to loosen the awkward situation between them. Hector shares his thoughts about this meeting with Aliki, making her feel very concerned. Frictions begin to rise amongst the four friends in Spyros’ house. Meanwhile, Akis and Apostolia go to Agia Napa and share a pleasant day together. Elizabeth treats Emilios very badly in the presence of Simos.

After dinner Evdokia invites Alice for coffee, and this time openly flirts with her. Spyros can no longer endure living in the same house with the others. His outburst of anger leaves everyone speechless. Odysseas is having a very hard time thinking that he may end up blind. Hector learns something very suspicious about George …

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