8 Lexeis episodes 153-154 Skai tv

8 Lexeis episodes 153-154 Skai tv epeisodia.online8 lexeis episodes 153-154 Skai tv (8 words). Also playing on Alpha Cyprus tv. Scheduled online for Thursday January 23 at 21.00 Athens time.

In the previous episode we saw that Michael’s meetings with Loukia become more frequent as time passes. They share the same pain, that of having lost their children, and try to find some consolation talking to each other. Back in Corfu, Ersie’s greatest fear becomes a reality. The police arrest her…

8 Lexeis episodes 153-154 summary

8 lexeis episode 153

The police arrest Ersie and Odysseas breaks down. Hector arrives at the police station, taking over as Ersie’s lawyer. Eva has a very honest discussion with Olympia. She explains the hard facts of life, and her relationship with Nikiforos to her daughter. Smaragda acquaints Loukas to Simos. Ersie is at a terrible dead end, with everything that the police has discovered so far pointing her out as being the murderer. Dimitris is not to be set back, and figures out a new plan. Police tell Spyros that the vase his father sent as a wedding gift, and which Ifigeneia broke, had been reported as stolen, and had to be immediately returned to it’s owner. Ifigeneia collapses in front of Odysseas, and tells him she feels more terrified than ever before. Alekos dicovers that Ilianna killed Agelliki !

8 lexeis episode 154

Ilianna confesses to Alekos that she killed the two women in Corfu. Alekos promises to keep this a secret. Ersie is interrogated again and is detained in custody. Odysseas and Hector try hard to find who framed Ersie up. Akis decides to tell the police that his gun has disappeared. Spyros and Ifigeneia are also having problems, because the vase they bring to the police station is broken. Eva notifies Nausika that a woman who refuses to give her name, is looking for her in the lab. Michael is beginning to feel attracted to Loukia. He continues to lie to Roxanne, pretending he has to go to various jobs when meeting with Loukia. Phoibos gives Katerina money so that she can pay her debts.

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