8 Lexeis episodes 157-158 Skai tv ~ The counterattack

8 Lexeis episodes 157-158 Skai tv epeisodia.online8 lexeis episodes 157-158 Skai tv (8 words). Also playing on Alpha Cyprus tv. Scheduled online for Tuesday January 28 at 21.00 Athens time.

In the previous episode we saw that Odysseas finds from Hector where the dead fashion model’s boyfriend lives, and visits him on that same day. Things get out of control, the two men come to blows and the police arrest them.

8 Lexeis episodes 157-158 summary

8 lexeis episode 157

Nausica is shocked hearing Dora Kastrinou tell her how much harm she has caused to her and her 6 year old daughter. The reason was the forged DNA test she was forced to make, after receiving threats to her life…Her guilty conscience will haunt her forever, and Nausika tries to find a way to amend for what she did. Ersie’s detainment in prison has caused much pain to Odysseas. He meets with Ilias, and the two men decide to join forces and discover who murdered Fotini, framing Ersie up.

Meanwhile Michael secretly meets Loukia again, feeling she is the only person who can understand him. Another big fight between him and Roxanne makes things between the couple even worse. Eva can now look forward to the future more optimistically. Olympia announces she is starting plysios again, and Evas relationship with Nikiforos gets better every day. Ilianna attacks Stella and Eugenia in the street, believing the two conspired to drive her crazy.

8 lexeis episode 158

The excuses Eugenia and Stella offer do not convince Ilianna, and she demands an explanation from Smaragda. Odysseas tries to boost Ersie’s morale up. He draws the sketch of the witness whose testimony proves Ersie’s innocence, and sets out to find him. Nikiforos and Markos begin their counterattack. They bribe officials to obtain authorisation to run their factory… Olympia begins plysios, and Simos introduces Smaragda to her. Nausica confesses to Michael the problem she has with Dora. Hector meets the man who witnessed the event, when someone fired his gun at him. Nausika cannot bear living with her guilty conscience anymore, and decides to help Dora and her 6 year old daughter.

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