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8 Lexeis episodes 159-160 Skai tv epeisodia.online

8 lexeis episodes 159-160 Skai tv (8 words). Also playing on Alpha Cyprus tv. Scheduled online for Wednesday January 29 at 21.00 Athens time.

In the previous episode we saw that Nikiforos and Markos begin their counterattack. They bribe officials to obtain authorisation to run their factory.Nausika cannot bear living with her guilty conscience anymore, and decides to help Dora and her 6 year old daughter.

8 Lexeis episodes 159-160 summary

8 lexeis episode 159

Ilianna meets Michael by Ariadni’s grave, and apologises for everything she has done. Nausika is trying to locate Dora, but has none of her contact details. Olympia realizes that Smaragda is the woman that Simos is in love with, and appears to be OK with this. Odysseas shows his sketch to Ersie but has to make corrections, because the man’s face was not very similar. Looking for ways to ease the pain of Ariadni’s loss, Ilianna takes an interest in spiritual metaphysics.

Roxanne tries to come closer to Michael, but he is spending more and more of his time with Loukia. Akis becomes tough with Smaragda, and makes her employ an English babysiter in Athens. Olympia asks Eva if she can live with Simos after the divorce, while Nikiforos asks her to move in with him. Akis is furious because Markos finally has the permission to run his factory in his hands.

8 lexeis episode 160

Olympia’s wish to stay with her father after her parents divorve, makes Eva feel rejected by her daughter. She tries to change the girl’s mind without success, and for the time being decides not to push things any further. Odysseas tells Nausica what Ilianna said to Ersie when they met in Corfu. He begins to wonder if the person that framed Ersie up is Ilianna. Michael continues his meetings with Loukia, and continues to lie, to account for his frequent absences.

Miltiadis tries to bring Michael back to the reality of his political obligations. He speaks harshly, to make him realize that he must finally overcome his mourning and resume his duties. Odysseas, using Ersie’s description, is trying to draw the face of the man who witnessed Fotini’s murder. Nausika confesses to Eva the story of Dora Kastrinou. She finally discovers where the woman lives, and sets out to find her.

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