8 Lexeis episodes 161-162 Skai tv ~ The hired killers

8 Lexeis episodes 161-162 Skai tv epeisodia.online

8 lexeis episodes 161-162 Skai tv (8 words). Also playing on Alpha Cyprus tv. Scheduled online for Thursday January 30 at 21.00 Athens time.

In the previous episode we saw that Nausika confesses to Eva the story of Dora Kastrinou. She finally discovers where the woman lives, and sets out to find her.

8 Lexeis episodes 161-162 summary

8 lexeis episode 161

Hector makes contact with the gang of hired killers, and comes closer to finding the truth. Simos and Eva explain to Olympia how things will be after their divorce. Odysseas and Ilias come upon new evidence over Fotini’s murder in Corfu. Horen and Jimmie figure out a way to distract Odysseas’ attention from Ersie’s problem and make him forget his problem for a while.

Ifigeneia continues to pay visits to Nona, and this time gives her some internet lessons…Ilianna ignores Alekos, and insists on finding a spiritualist who will bring her in contact with Ariadne…Akis finds out about Dimitris’ secret and is very stern with him. Simos and Smaragda spend the night together, but their relationship is exposed when they both fail to hear the ararm clock in the morning. Nausika meets Dora’s 6 year old daughter and is moved to tears.

8 lexeis episode 162

Nausika’s aquaintance with Juliana will completely change her life. Nausica seems very much affected by the girl’s family drama. Dora however refuses to accept any help from her. Akis scolds Dimitris for his wrong choices in the stock market, which caused them to lose money. Hector finds the gang that tried to kill him.

Ilias continues to investigate Fotini’s murder, and all clues lead to Ilianna…Odysseas tries to encourage Ersie. Markos speaks on the phone with Steve, his new mysterious associate who will eventually be employed by the company. A terrified Theano calls Smaragda on the plone, to tell her that someone kidnapped her child from the house.

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