8 Lexeis episodes 169-170 Skai tv

8 Lexeis episodes 169-170 Skai 8 lexeis episodes 169-170 Skai tv ( 8 words ).Also playing on Alpha Cyprus tv. Scheduled online for Thursday 6/2/2020 at 21.00 Athens time.

8 Lexeis episodes 169-170 episode preview

In the previous episode of the Skai tv series we saw that Ilianna decides to hire a spititualist, to bring her in touch with her child and the red haired woman Ariadne speaks about in her dreams. Dora dies, and Nausica has to make the biggest decision of her life.

8 lexeis episode 169

The news of Dora’s death devastates Nausica, but she takes on the task of telling Julianna that her mother has passed away. Hector meets Aliki, Ersie’s prison inmate, and decides to become her advocate. Spyros is jealous of the man commenting Ifigeneia’s videos on the web, and has another big fight with her. Michael and Roxanne also continue their frequent quarrels, and their relationship worsens every day.

Eva tries to acquaint Olympia to Nikiforos, but reaches a dead end. Ersie tells Nausica she cannot imagine giving birth to her baby inside the prison. Eugenia and Markos go out for dinner, only to find Dimitris and Akis in the restaurant…After Dora’s funeral, Nausika sets out to bring the bad news to Julianna, but bursts out crying upon seeing the child.

8 lexeis episode 170

Nausica brings Julianna to temporarily stay with her . Michael suggests she consults a child psychologist before passing the bad news to the child, and then hand her over to an orphanage. Odysseas posts his sketch of the man on facebook, hoping someone may recognise him. Ersie has a big fright when she bleeds in jail. Hector cooperates with the police to trap and arrest Mitrofanis.

Hector however cannot find peace, and continues to suspect Phoibos. Ifigeneia leaves Spyros a message, saying she is going to Athens to visit her parents. Nausica meets Loukia, and although she has many doubts, promises to help Michael. Eva leaves her house permanently and moves in with Nikiforos to start a new life. A mysterious redhaired woman crashes her car with Iliannas’…

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