8 Lexeis episodes 173-174 Skai tv

8 Lexeis episodes 173-174 Skai - epeisodia.online8 Lexeis episodes 173-174 Skai tv (8 words). Also playing on Alpha Cyprus tv. Scheduled online for Tuesday 11/2/2020 at 21.00 Athens time.

8 Lexeis episodes 173-174 preview

In the previous episode of the Skai tv series we saw that in Corfu, Odysseas is surprised when Nona tells him that she knows who the man in the sketch is.

8 lexeis episode 173

Nona gives Odysseas’ hopes a boost. She tells him where to search for the key-witness of Ersie’s case. Smaragda gets carried away in the gambling house. She loses badly playing cards, and Simos urges her to leave. Nausika is in a very difficult spot, because Julianna asks about her mother’s health every day. Phoibos stays in bed, although his blood tests are good. Olympia consents to meeting Nikiforos and dine with Eva and him. Loukia’s training continues, although she feels awkward every time she meets Roxanne. Aliki gives full details about how Hector beat her up, despite the fact that he is now very affectionate with her. Vicky relents and promises Ilianna to try and communicate with Ariadne’s spirit…

8 lexeis episode 174

Alekos tells Akis about his feelings for Ilianna, and gets the OK from him. Akis however warns him that he will hunt him down him if he hurts his daughter’s feelings. Spyros comes to Athens but Miltiadis all but ignores him. It appears that a fight between the two is imminent. Hector promises Aliki that he will do his best to defend her in court. Phoibos is surprised when offered a new death-contract by a woman. Odysseas visits Ersie and informs her of his findings. To Michael’s great uncomfort, Roxanne invites Loukia to dinner…

Simos finally convinced of Ersie’s innocence, decides to help Odysseas to track down the witness. Miltiadis demands that Ifigeneia stays with him in Athens, and clashes with Spyros. Nikiforos asks Eva to marry him, but his proposal is turned down. Vicky makes another attempt to communicate with Ariadne. She passes on to Ilianna some secret codes that Ariadne gives her… Nausika finally tells Julianna that her mother is no longer alive.

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