8 Lexeis episodes 177-178 Skai tv ~ The adoption!

8 Lexeis episodes 177-178 Skai - epeisodia.online8 Lexeis episodes 177-178 Skai tv (8 words). Also playing on Alpha Cyprus tv. Scheduled online for Thursday 13/2/2020 at 21.00 Athens time.

8 Lexeis episodes 177-178 preview

In the previous episode of the Skai tv series we saw that Ilianna is alone at home with Alekos, and the pair come closer to each other than ever before. Akis announces something to Nausika which shocks her. Roxanne finds out that Michael had been lying about his supposed visits to the dentist, and demands an explanation.

8 lexeis episode 177

Michael tries to justify his lies. but Roxanne is not convinced by his excuses. News that the company’s drug is inapproved and withdrawn from commerce reach Nausica and Markos. Markos suspects that Nausika and Akis have made a new business deal. Dimitris is furious when he finds out that Ilianna and Alekos are a pair, and clashes with his father. Eva scolds Olympia for her bad manners towards Nikiforos. Michael finally locates Spyros’ whereabouts. Hector ignores Stella and Miltiadis who advise him to drop Aliki’s case, and ends up quarreling with both of them. Vicky once again «communicates» with Ariadne, making Ilianna very upset.

8 lexeis episode 178

Akis is furious seeing Simos and Smaragda together. Tension continues to build up between Michael and Roxanne, and the couple’s relationship is being tested. Akis warns Smaragda to stop seeing Simos, and the two men speak harshly to each another. Smaragda tells Loukas that he has no right to interfere with her life. In an effort to make her return to Corfu with him, Spyros tells Ifigeneia that for her sake he will be a vegetarian. Nausika announces her decision to adopt Julianna to her sons. Looking for clues, Hector breaks into Phoibos’ appartment, having help from Nikiforos. Michael has another fight with Roxanne, and ends up seeking shelter in Loukia’s house. The two of them get carried away, and kiss for the first time…

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