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8 Lexeis episodes 183-184 Skai - epeisodia.online8 Lexeis episodes 183-184 Skai tv (8 words). Also playing on Alpha Cyprus tv. Scheduled online for Wednesday 19/2/2020 at 21.00 Athens time.

8 Lexeis episodes 183-184 preview

In the previous episode of the Skai tv series we saw that Markos is pestering Michael to marry Roxanne. To ease the pressure, Michaael asks Roxanne to enter into a civil partnership with him…

8 lexeis episode 183

Vicky continues to feed Ilianna with supposed information told to her by Ariadne, and Ilianna becomes obsessed with the whole thing. Michael and Roxanne agree to enter into a civil partnership instead of marrying, despite Roxanne’s chilly attitude. As the days go by, Michael is becoming increasingly attracted to Loukia…Spyros and Ifigeneia are negotiating their fee for acting in the tv commercial.

Although their contract states that they both must be genuine vegans, Spyros continues to devour souvlakis behind Ifigeneia’s back…Odysseas wants to keep Ersie’s morale high and lies to her, saying that he is about to find the key witness he has been searching for. Hector is invited by Miltiadis into his house, and and over dinner tries to guess just how much Phoibos knows.

8 lexeis episode 184

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel when Nona calls Odysseas with important information. She convinces him that Spyros Dimitriadis is in Corfu, so Odysseas books a plane ticket and sets out to find him. Hector tells Aliki that he is very close to having her released from prison… The Petrosians go out for dinner with Smaragda and Loukas. Tzimmy however flirts with Loukas and succeeds in causing Horen to be furious.

Hector is taken to the police station, after having been recognised on television by the old woman whose house he had entered. Joulianna tells Nausika that she wants to live with her, moving her deeply. Michael reacts awkwardly when he is with Loukia, and asks if he can visit her that evening to clear some things out. Odysseas and Spyros locate the house of the man they have been searching for. When the door opens they are stunned, realising they found him.

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