8 lexeis episodes 217-218 ( 8 words ep. 217-218 )

8 Lexeis episodes 217-218 Skai - epeisodia.online8 lexeis episodes 217-218  (8 words ep. 217-218) Skai tv. Also playing on Alpha Cyprus tv. Scheduled online for Thursday 19/3/2020 at 21.00 Athens time.

8 Lexeis episodes 217-218 preview

In the previous episode of the Skai tv series we saw that Eva discovers that Roxanne’s pills are drugs and not tranquillisers. She demands that Roxanne immediately stops taking them. Smaragda secretly goes into the gambling house once again. Odysseas and Ersie are asleep in the studio, when suddenly a fire breaks out.

8 lexeis episode 217

Odysseas and Ersie narrowly escape death in the blazing studio. For precautionary reasons, Ersie is taken to the hospital. All of Odysseas’ paintings have been burnt to ashes, and Spyros invites them to stay in his house until damages are restored. Odysseas calls Markos and Michael, and tells them to keep everything a secret from Nausika, because she has other problems with Joulianna’s disappearance.

Joulianna struggles to get out of Sotiris’ house, and manages to open a nailed up window. Roxanne continues to avoid Michael, and this rouses his curiosity. Eva lies to him, saying that Roxanne’s pills are tranquillisers. The news about the studio’s fire comes out to the media, and Alekos suspects that this is Ilianna’s doing.

8 lexeis episode 218

Alekos threatens Ilianna that if she tries to harm Odysseas and Ersie again he will tell everything to Akis and leave. Odysseas and Spyros clean up the destroyed studio, feeling very sorry for the burnt paintings. Joulianna gets hold of Sotiris’ mobile phone and calls an unknown woman, telling her that she has been abducted. Meanwhile Phoibos and Vicky are completing the preparations for the big assault on Dervani’s yacht.

However they can’t imagine that Phoibos’ parents will be at the reception, and amongst the businessman’s guests. Hector returns home and reads Aliki’s farewell letter. She explains that she left because she was causing him problems. Sotiris becomes aware that Joulianna used his mobile phone and becomes furious . Apostolia, Aronis’ chef, has a secret meeting with Vicky…

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*** Skai tv has changed the series broadcast dates because of the coronavirus crisis. There will be one single episode shown daily. Episode 217 is set for Tuesday 24/3/2020 and episode 218 for Wednesday 25/3/2020.

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