Agries Melisses Episodes 2.6-2.7-2.8-2.9-2.10 Ant1 tv

Agries Melisses Episodes 2.6-2.7-2.8-2.9-2.10 Ant1 tvAgries Melisses Episodes 2.6-2.7-2.8-2.9-2.10 Ant1 tv. Videos of the season 2 Ant1 web series Agries Melisses ( Wild bees ) ep.6-7-8-9-10, scheduled from Monday 21/9 to Friday 25/9/2020.

Agries Melisses Episodes 2.6-2.7-2.8-2.9-2.10 summaries

Agries Melisses ep.6

The news that Eleni confessed to having killed Sergios shocks the Sevastos and the rest of the village. Everyone is stunned, unable to accept this new predicament. All except Myrsini, who finally feels justified. She furthermore insists that Asimina and Drosso must also be charged as being accomplices. Nikiforos defends Asimina, but the crisis in their relationship is now more than obvious.

Miltiadis too feels justified, for the restoration of his son’s name. The still unknown reason that caused his son to commit suicide is however a thorn in his side, not letting him find peace. Kontantis is also unable to bring peace in his soul, and is devastated when he realizes that Giannos died for no reason. Blinded by anger, Meletis prepares to take the law into his own hands, on the day that Eleni will be taken to the prosecutor’s office…

Agries Melisses ep.7

Everyone is geting ready for the first day of Eleni’s trial. Dukas and his lawyer are planning their attack. Meanwhile, Kypraios visits Eleni in jail, but she stubbornly refuses his offer to help her. The trial begins, and Fanouris with Violetta are the first defense witnesses to testify in favor of Eleni. Sotiris and Konstantis testify against her…

Anastasis announces to Miltiadis that the co-op decided to remove Eleni from its list of members. Panagiotis is trying to find a way to get his revenge from Stamatis, and asks Prokopis to help him. Dukas testifies in the second day of the trial, and he decides to play his trump card which will convict Eleni.

Agries Melisses ep.8

Doukas causes an uproar in court, when he supports his theory that Eleni and Giannos collaborated to kill Sergios. Sarafis cannot understand this, and demands that Eleni tells him the whole truth. Kypraios feels powerless, being unable to help Eleni. He pushes Droso to say what really happened. Will Droso confess and save her sister? Violeta yields to Stamatis’ demands to give him the cafeteria, so that he consents to their divorce.

Panagiotis is determined to secretly carry his plan out. Meletis hears that Kleomenis sells his land and asks for explanations. The noose tightens around Kleomenis’ neck, and he takes it out on Pinelopi. The trial continues, with Prousalis and Droso testifying, and Eleni appears to be condemned. Asimina however disobeys Nikiforos and turns up in court. Her testimony will change everything.

Agries Melisses ep.9

Eleni’s lawyer is shocked when he is told about what had really happened on the night Sergios was killed. He tells Eleni that he intends to stop being her advocate. Prousalis informs Nestor that the investigation concerning Kypraios has taken a bad turn. Panagiotis convinces Stamatis to decide the cafeteria’s ownership by throwing the dice…Who shall win the game? On the next day a new witness comes to testify, and the trial takes an unexpected turn.

A quarrel between Pinelopi and Kleomenis gets dangerously out of control. Asimina announces to Anette what she has decided about her marriage with Nikiforos. Following Miltiadis’ testimony, Eleni’s turn comes to give evidence in court. Dukas’ lawyer appears to be convincing the jury, when suddenly Kypraios asks to be allowed to testify, and hell breaks loose…

Agries Melisses ep.10

Kypraios surprises everybody when he asks to be allowed to testify, and brings to light a well hidden secret of the Sevastos family. His statement changes everything, and the trial is adjourned because Doukas must now sit in the defendant’s chair… Pinelopi defies her family’s orders and once again comes close to Meletis. Violeta and Panagiotis celebrate, having won the cafeteria from Stamatis.

Lambros reveals to Miltiadis the horrible truth about Giannos’ death. Nestor has an unexpected visitor who brings him closer to discovering his son’s murderer. Doukas is planning his line of defence for the trial, but at the same time Nikiforos is secretly making his own plans to expose his father.

Agries Melisses Episodes 2.6-2.7-2.8-2.9-2.10

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