Agries Melisses Season 2 Episode 42

Agries Melisses Episode 42 - 2nd seasonAgries Melisses Season 2 Episode 42 of the ANT1 channel Greek series Wild Bees. Scheduled online for Tuesday November 10, at 22.00 Athens time.

Agries Melisses 2nd season episode 42

Plain of Thessaly 1958… Three sisters. One of them is forced to marry against her will. A rape. A murder and a big secret.

Eleni (Maria Kitsou), Asimina(Elli Trigou) and Droso (Danai Michalaki), after their father’s death are trying to survive in the tough patriarchical society ot the Thessalian plain. Dukas (Leonidas Kakouris), is the major land owner of the area. He wants to marry his son Sergios (Andreas Konstantinou), with Eleni, the eldest of the three sisters. Eleni accepts the proposal, although very unwillingly, because it is the only way the sisters can pay the debts they owe.

On the wedding night the three sisters will have blood on their hands. They kill the groom who is trying to rape the youngest sister. They all swear to carry the secret to their grave. The corpse is however discovered and the local society will be devastated. The game has now changed.

Eleni, Asimina and Droso must now do everything in their power to keep the truth from coming to light.Will they succeed ? The all-powerful family of the victim is searching for the real murderer and are set upon getting revenge.

Agries Melisses Season 2 Episode 42

Dukas visits the Cooperative and comes face to face with Miltiadis. This encounter, their first after six whole years, causes big problems to both of their families. Asimina is persuaded to allow Babis stay in her old house, and eventually discovers an unknown and more interesting side of his personality. Tollias is at a moral dead end, uncertain whether he should obey Grammatikos’ orders to change his testimony or not.

Tollias wants to avoid a trial at all costs, and decides put into action an informal agreement he had made with Prokopis. Takis and Droso make the wrong decisions about their lives, puting their future at stake. Mary finds the key Eleni had been hiding in her belongings and blackmails her with this. She demands to be included in the escape plan, or expose it to the prison officers. How will Eleni overcome this unexpected obstacle?

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