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Kokkino Potami Episode 28 (Red river ep. 28). Live stream and Video of the Open TV series.  Scheduled online for Sunday June 28 at 22.00 Athens time.

Kokkino Potami Ep. 28 

In the previous episode we saw that Miltos and Iphigenia are unlucky because the Russian revolution erupts. They are considered to be friends of Rostov, who is an enemy of the rebels, and armed revolutionaries arrest Miltos. Nedim grabs a gun and tries to save him, but the leader of the rebels kills him. Meanwhile, the three women flee with the baby. They initially hide in a stable and then in the woods. They decide to return to Erzurum and find the Russian commander who had freed Miltos.

Kokkino Potami Episode 28 preview

Miltos remains in jail, unable to convince the Russians that he is not an enemy of the revolution. Iphigenia with her baby, Sofia and Melike escape to the countryside. Seeing a group of Russian revolutionaries take their commander captive, they realize they cannot expect help from them, and decide to go to Amisos. 

Onur Aslan is replaced by Mustafa Kemal, because of the Turkish army defeats . Mustafa Kemal suggests that they put the blame on all Christians, aiming to eradicate Greeks and Armenians. The baby’s cry betrays them, and Iphigenia, Sophia and Melike are captured by Murat and a group of soldiers who are escorting christian prisoners to Erzurum. The soldiers change direction and head to an unknown destination. Murat forbids the prisoners to stop for water and the Turks kill anyone who disobeys. Iphigenia does not have milk to feed her baby, and in her despair bites her own hand and gives the baby blood to drink.


In Amisos, the Greeks realize that now that the Russians have departed, they are at the mercy of the Turks. The Turks seize the opportunity to exterminate the Christians. Mustafa sees Vasiliki on the street, chases her and enters her house. He searches for Themis and tries to rαpe her again. Eugenia attempts to help, and in the fight Vasiliki grabs a gun and shoots Mustafa, failing to kill him. Mustafa flees and accuses the family of having tried to kill him. Themis takes his family and secretly leave the city hidden in a wagon.

Hardship causes Vasiliki to abοrt, while Eugenia falls and hurts herself. The others are forced to leave her behind, but she hides in Sotiria’s house. Themis decides to go back and save his mother. Miltos is set free after the intervention of Zaharov. He dismisses the suggestion to go to Paris, and decides to search for Iphigenia and the baby. The Turks plant weapons in the church of Amisos and accuse the Christians of planning an uprisal. Theoklitos is arrested and his house looted.


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