Kokkino Potami Episode 31. (Red river ep.31) ~ Miltos finds Ifigeneia!

To Kokkino Potami Episode 27. (Red river ep.27) epeisodia.onlineKokkino Potami Episode 31 (Red river ep. 31). Live stream and Video of the Open TV series.  Scheduled online for Sunday July 12 at 22.00 Athens time.

Kokkino Potami Ep. 31 

In the previous episode we saw that Themis, Vasiliki, Eugenia and the people of Amisos realize that they they have been trapped by Osman and the Turkish army. They hide in a cave, knowing that there is no way they can save themselves.

Kokkino Potami Episode 31 preview

Chrysanthi and other fugitives take Iphigenia’s baby and seek refuge in the same monastery where Lusin is hiding. Lusin is shocked hearing whose baby it is. Everyone seeks shelter inside the church, and Sophia confesses to Iphigenia that she can no longer hold on. The Turks led by Murat set fire to the church, wanting to burn the Greeks alive.

Hotza and Irini rush to save them, and after arguing with Murat, Hotza opens the church door. Those still alive come out, Irini sees her mother and sister and hugs them. Sophia who has suffered much hardship dies soon after.

At the prison camp, Nikolaidis tries to persuade Onur Aslan that everyone may die of typhoid fever if those sick are not taken to a hospital. Onur believes that the doctor lies and that he purposefully does not help the Turkish soldiers. On his orders Nikolaidis is put together with the other prisoners. Iphigenia gives Hotza a telegram to send to Zaharov in Paris, asking where Miltos is.


In the cave, Themis, Vasiliki, Eugenia and the others realize that escape is impossible. At the Russian inn, Negrepontis, informed by Zaharov, tells Miltos of Iphigenia’s whereabouts, and both depart to find her. Back at the camp, Nikolaidis convinces Onur that they must flee to save themselves. The Turk however shoots Nikolaidis on the knee and abandons him alone and helpless. Iphigenia and Irini leave for Santa to search for the lost baby. They thank Hotza for what he did for them, and he decides to help them escape again.

Soon after Iphigenia sees Miltos coming, and the couple set out to search for their child. Arriving in Santa they panic, seeing everything burnt down and destroyed. Someone tells them that whoever managed to survive, has fled for a mountain monastery. Meanwhile, Kemal dismisses Onur Aslan and Mehmet Kartal from the Turkish army. He puts the blame on them for having lost and capitulated, and orders them to leave the country. In the cave, the Greeks realize that they have no choice but to die. Themis proposes to exit fighting, knowing they will all be killed…

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