Sasmos episode 40 – Season 2

Sasmos episode 38 - Season 2

Sasmos episode 40 – Season 2 of the Alpha tv Greek drama series. SASMOS episode 40, S2, scheduled online for Thursday November 24 at 9 pm Athens time.

Sasmos 2nd season

In season 2 of the Alpha tv epic drama series, the old vendetta between the Vroulakis and Stamatakis families is rekindled. The appearance of a man long thought dead brings worse tensions. Action reaches an absolute climax.

Starring: Dimitris Lalos, Orfeas Augustidis, Christina Hila-Fameli, Tasos Nousias, Maria Protopappa, Dimitris Imellos, Marilita Lampropoulou, Michalis Aerakis, Eugenia Samaras, Costas Nikoulis, Thanasis Patriarcheas.

Maria Tzobanaki plays the role of Kalliopi and Olga Damani the role of Grandma Irini. New entries in the second season of the series are the actors Stelios Mainas, Giorgos Gerontidakis, Dimitris Alexandris and Manos Petousis.

SASMOS episode 40, S2

In the previous episode, Kalliopi is threatening everyone with her children’s plan to take back Angelos’ land, but when she tries to find allies, she realizes that there is none left, and that even Stella refuses to stand by her.Lefteris tells Theodora to come and live with him, and she is happy to accept, and seeing this Anna and Pantelis are in absolute despair.

The argument between Mathios and Nikiforos concerning the partnership with Efthimis is settled and the road is now wide open for Nikiforos and Manolis to follow their dream. Sometime later, Argyro announces to her family the plan for peace that Asteris has suggsted, and everyone seems to agree that the idea is not bad.

Sasmos episode 40 – Season 2

Vangelis is aggressive with Asteris and orders him to stay away from Argyro. He then finds Argyro and makes it clear to her that he has come to take things into his own hands.

Pantelis is devastated after Theodora moved in with Lefteris, and visits Pavlos. Lefteris and Theodora come even closer to each other.

Katerina warns Vasiliki to keep an eye on Mathios. Mathios begs Argyro to accept Asteris’ proposal for Angelos’ land. Kalliopi’s hatred for the Vroulakis family is getting worse.

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