To kokkino potami episode 16 (Red river)

To kokkino potami episode 16 (Red river)To kokkino potami episode 16 (Red river). Live stream and Video of the Open Beyond TV channel series. Scheduled online for 19/1/2020 at 21.00 Athens time.

To kokkino potami episode 16

In the previous episode we saw that Ifigeneia fainted,and is still being kept captive in the police headquarters. Three masked men attack the policeman guarding her, and take Ifigeneia out of jail with them. They carry her into a house, where a man’s shadow approaches and hands out money in a pouch to them. When Ifigeneia comes to, she makes an unsuccesful attempt to escape. Her new guard will catch her, tie her up and gag her. To her surprise, Ifigeneia recognises the man…Back in the police headquarters, Onur Aslan is furious, realizing the woman has escaped.

19/1/2020 To kokkino potami ep.16 summary

Arin and Irini search the streets of Istanbul, trying to find the missing Lusil. Sophia and doctor Nikolaidis very anxious, are searching for the lost Ifigeneia.Kartal, suspects his son Kerem being responsible for Ifigeneia’s escape, comes to blows with him  inside the army staff headquarters. In Paris, Zacharov is also anxious with the rapid changes taking place back at home, and considers risking a visit to Istanbul. In Amissos, Eugenia and Vasiliki are forced to manage the farms on their own, after the farm hands were threatened by Osman and abandoned the place. In Constantinople Kerem is taken by surprise. Miltos suddenly attacks him, demanding to know where Ifigeneia is.

A visitor shows up in the Nikolaidis’ house. It is Miltos, and he informs Ifigeneia’s parents that the girl has escaped… That same night, Onur Aslan and two uniformed Turks violently burst into the Nikolaidis’ house, trying to find Ifigeneia. Themis decides to leave his mountain hiding place and secretly meet his beloved ones.

The Turks order the christian citizens of Amissos to leave town, stating that it is nothing permanent, and there is no need to carry their belongings with them… Next morning, all the Greeks gather at the town square preparing to depart. In everyone’s face, the agony for past life left behind is evident.

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