To Kokkino Potami Episode 18 (Red river)

To kokkino potami episode 18 (Red river)To Kokkino Potami Episode 18 (Red river). Live stream and Video of the Open Beyond TV channel series. Scheduled online for Sunday 2/2/2020 at 21.00 Athens time.

To Kokkino Potami Episode 18 

In the previous episode we saw that the Turks continue to execute anyone who offers resistance. In Amissos, Theoklitos is shocked upon finding Miltos in the church. He tells him of what has happened, and Miltos decides to seek and find the hiding Themis.

2/2/2020 To kokkino potami ep. 18 summary

Ali and Ifigeneia enter the town of Erzerum on their wagon, very apprehensive about what lies ahead. Ali introduces Ifigeneia as his fiancee Aise, the οrphaned sister of the Turkish army major Ozgur Gildirim from Izmir… Ali’s parents face her with suspicion, not understanding why their son got engaged in such a hurry. Ali’s mother tells her son that the girl is ρregnant, and they should marry as soon as possible…He replies that she is wrong, but the woman recognises the tell-tale signs of ρregnancy and insists on hastening the wedding preparations.

The Greeks, forced to abandon their homes in Amissos, continue their journey to nowhere. The Turks beat up and mock the exhausted, hungry and thirsty people all the way. At one point they come to a river, but the Turks gleefully prevent them from drinking. Pavlidis realizes that he is now dead weight, and begs Eugenia to leave him behind and go on. Those who manage to survive reach an abandoned village and try to find houses for themselves. Their troubles are however far from over.

The Turks mass the Greeks up once again, and force them to continue their journey in the wilderness, lying that they are returning back to Amissos. Those sick and the bαbies are left behind. Amongst them is Giorgos Pavlidis who is unable to follow the rest. A heart broken Eugenia is not allowed to stay back with her husband. Miltos and Themis make efforts to save their father and bring their family together again. Things are however out of control and threats lurk everywhere.

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