To Kokkino Potami Episode 22. (Red river ep.22)

To Kokkino Potami Episode 19 (Red river)-epeisodia.onlineTo Kokkino Potami Episode 22 (Red river). Live stream and Video of the Open TV series.  Scheduled online for Sunday March 8 at 21.00 Athens time.

To Kokkino Potami chapter 22 

In the previous episode we saw that Themis is devastated when his wife tells him that Turks raρed her, and shows Vasiliki how much he loves her.

To Kokkino Potami Episode 22 preview

The wagon carrying Sophia, Arin and their daughters continues on it’s way. The four women headare heading for the Ak Dag Maden area, being uncertain if they are following the right path. Upon entering a forrest, they stop for the night. After lighting a fire, they appear to forget their problems for a few moments, and go to sleep. In the morning they continue their trip although they have run out of water, when they come accross a river and quench their thirst. The girlς are taking a swim, when suddenly Turk robbers grab them, raρe Sophia and Arin, and leave the two women lying unconscious.

Meanwhile in Erzerum, Ifigeneia was in a sad mood, when she felt her waters breaking. Melike summoned a midwife, and after much effort Ifigeneia gave birth to a baby boy. Ali who was escorting prisoners, freed an Armenian boy from the Turks, and hid him in his house. Ifigeneia after a long time is feeling happy again, and wants to name her son Miltiadis. In Paris, Miltos makes Zacharof provide him with travel documents and sets out to find Ifigeneia.

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