To Kokkino Potami Episode 23. (Red river ep.23)

To Kokkino Potami Episode 23 (Red river)-epeisodia.onlineTo Kokkino Potami Episode 23 (Red river). Live stream and Video of the Open TV series.  Scheduled online for Sunday March 15 at 21.00 Athens time.

To Kokkino Potami chapter 23 

In the previous episode we saw that in Erzerum, Ifigeneia was in a sad mood, when she feels her waters breaking. Melike summons a midwife, and after much effort Ifigeneia gives birth to a baby boy. Ali who was escorting prisoners, frees an Armenian boy from the Turks, and hides him in his house. Ifigeneia is feeling happy again after a long time, and wants to name her son Miltiadis. In Paris, Miltos makes Zacharof provide him with travel documents, and sets out to find Ifigeneia.

To Kokkino Potami Episode 23 preview

The Russian army enters the Erzerum town square. The Christians cheer the soldiers, because their commander wishes to protect them. While Ali’s family hopes that things are returning back to normal, Ifigeneia asks Ali to marry her…The Greeks of Amissos find their homes looted and occupied by Turks. The Russian soldiers arrest Mustafa. Eugenia,Themis and Vasiliki also return to their house and try to make a new start. Their land which had been confiscated by the Turks is now theirs again.

Worn out and exhausted, Sofia and Arin continue the search to find their daughters. They come to a Turkish village, and the couple which puts them up for the night advises them to go to Amissos, where conditions are much better for the Christians. In Erzerum, just before the wedding, Ali tells his parents the truth about Ifigeneia…

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