To Kokkino Potami Episode 24. (Red river ep.24)

To Kokkino Potami Episode 24. (Red river ep.24) epeisodia.onlineTo Kokkino Potami Episode 24 (Red river). Live stream and Video of the Open TV series.  Scheduled online for Sunday May 24 at 21.00 Athens time.

To Kokkino Potami chapter 24 

In the previous episode we saw that worn out and exhausted, Sofia and Arin continue the search to find their daughters. They come to a Turkish village, and the couple which puts them up for the night advises them to go to Amissos, where conditions are much better for the Christians. In Erzerum, just before the wedding, Ali tells his parents the truth about Ifigeneia…

To Kokkino Potami Episode 24 preview

Ifigeneia is reconciled with being Ali’s wife, not knowing that Miltos is still alive. The Turks refuse to give the Pavlidis’ farms back again, and things become explosive.Vasiliki confides to Eugenia that she is ρregnant. She fears that the father is not Themis but Mustapha who had raρed her. Eugenia advises her to keep the baby. Soon after however Vasiliki becomes very upset, when she sees Mustapha in the street. She changes her mind and drinks a potion which will make her abοrt….Eugenia finds Vasiliki under terrible pain, and once again convinces her to keep her child.

Fatma tells Sofia and Arin to stay in the Turkish village with her and her husband. They can pay their stay working, while Emir wiill try to find out about their daughters. Vasiliki tells Themis everything, including her doubts if he is the baby’s father. Themis is devastated, and leaves the house. Ali makes preparations to leave on his next mission. Ifigeneia does not consent to this, fearing for his life. To calm her down, Ali promises to leave the army as soon as this mission is over.

At about that time, Miltos secretly crosses the Black Sea aboard a ship. He comes to his parents’ house, and meets this brother and mother. Miltos tells his family of his plan to leave for Erzerum and find Ifigeneia. Themis stops Vasiliki from commiting sυicide, and the two decide to keep the baby. Aided by Sotiria, Osman frees Mustapha…

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