To Kokkino Potami Episode 26. (Red river ep.26)

To Kokkino Potami Episode 26. (Red river ep.26) epeisodia.onlineTo Kokkino Potami Episode 26 (Red river). Live stream and Video of the Open TV series.  Scheduled online for Sunday June 14 at 22.00 Athens time.

To Kokkino Potami chapter 26 

In the previous episode we saw that the Turks are being routed in the war with the Russians, and Kerem tries to save Aslan’s life. Vali interrogates Iphigenia. He humiliates her and then reveals that he knows she is Greek, that Ali’s parents are crypto-Christians, and also that he is aware about the little Symeon they are hiding.

To Kokkino Potami Episode 26 preview

Dr. Nikolaidis succesfully operates the injured Aslan, saving his life. He expects him to return the favor by finding and saving his family. Aslan however shows no gratitude and remains very hostile. The doctor is outraged at this and almost kills him. Sofia and Arin arrive at the Pavlidis’ house, and learn from Eugenia that Miltos is alive and has left for Erzurum

Iphigenia insists that Miltos and Ali’s parents to leave the city, but they suddenly discover that little Symeon has disappeared. The boy has gone to Ali’s grave where he is confronted by Murat who had been following him. A few hours later, Nedim and Melike find the boy’s dead body. Terrified, they decide to leave the city for ever. Sofia and Arin continue to search for their daughters, and Themis gives them a gun for protection.

Miltos, Iphigenia and Melike are preparing their departure, but Valis realizes this. He threatens Melike who grabs a knife to attack him, but he disarms her. Miltos appears, the two men fight. While Miltos beats him mercilessly, Valis threatens him with a gun and flees, shouting that the family are crypto-Christians. A hostile crowd gathers outside the house and Miltos tries to escape, but finds the armed Murat blocking his way. Russian soldiers who heard the noise appear on the scene and arrest him.Miltos is held in custody at the government building, while Nedim pleads for his release with the Russian commander.


The robbers who abducted Irene and Lucin sell them to two men, and the sisters separate. Irene is bought by a kind Hodja, while Lucin is bought by a savage man who raρes her. Miltos begs Nedim to take Melike, Iphigenia and the baby and leave immediately. Still searching for their daughters, Sophia and Arin enter Erzurum and accidentally see Valis. Arin recognizes him as the man who killed her parents, and pulls out a gun to kill him, but Sophia blocks her. Valis doesn’t realize all this, but seeing the two women becomes curious, and tries to find who they are. Sophia and Arin finally arrive at Ali’s home and finally find Iphigenia …

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